So, I am definitely going a little out of my comfort zone today with showing a lot of skin. For me, the body is sacred and personal, but for this photo it is about submitting. Submitting to someone you care about and trust fully is important and something that means a lot to me…

Today I am featuring Phedora’s Eva Bodysuit, which is debuting exclusively at the Whore Couture event. What I love about Phedora’s items are that they are 100% original mesh and always top quality. From sexy outfits to heels, you are sure to find something to enhance your experience.

To add to the airy-sexiness I am wearing Tetra’s brand new hair style called Coconut, that is available now at the Uber event. The hair styles she has been coming out with have a life-like feel and look to them and that is what I like about them. Be sure to try on the demo when you get a chance, I think you will appreciate the look and quality.

Happy Shopping!! ♥


What Gia is Wearing
Tetra-Coconut @ Uber (New)
Phedora-Eva Bodysuit @ Whore Couture (New)
Kunst-Spikes Bracelets @ Uber (New)
La Baguette-KioKiom

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